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Every grief story is unique. As you patch together your new life and learn to live with loss, we invite you to share your grief story.

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" Next to Cancer, Next to Normal by Karen O. Johnson 12/8/2012 The insidious intruder that never leaves is cancer. It is pesky, sneaky, invisible, and it works aiml ..."
"If you had asked me 2 years ago, I would have said that I have nothing to contribute or blog about. Now, I have a lifetime of indescribable pain and a roller coaster of slow ..."
"My husband took early retirement at 62. At 65 he was diagnoised with lymphoma and died at 67. My 52 yr old son died two yrs ago from a brain tumor. My 53 yr old dtr has ..."
Karen - Riverton, UT
ann - warner robins, GA
audrey - Schenectady, NY
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The book,of course, is primarily aimed at counseling and therapy settings and there is a workbook that can be purchased to accompany “Griefabet”. But this little book is a great deal more. READ MORE

September 21, 2010
Author Pens Griefabet: Everyday Letters to Wrap Around Your Heart. A Comfort Book for Anyone Living With Loss, Griefabet Guides Readers From A to Z Along Their Personal Grief Journey. The Book’s Website, www.Griefabet.com, Includes a Forum Where Visitors Can Share Their Grief Story for Increased Healing and Support. READ MORE