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loss of my hon and son

audrey - Schenectady, NY
Nov 16, 2012 - 08:57 AM

My husband took early retirement at 62. At 65 he was diagnoised with lymphoma and died at 67.

My 52 yr old son died two yrs ago from a brain tumor.

My 53 yr old dtr has been diagnoised with mental illness

My husband was my "KNIGHT IN SHINNING ARMOR"

I was orphoned at 8yrs old and was in several foster homes. At age 20 I met him and three yrs later we were married.

We had a wonderful, happy marriage and 5 children. I miss him a lot.

Each day when I get up I start my day with an hr of quiet time to get me thru each day.

I have 4 wonderful dtrs and three great son in-laws who have been my strength.

I'm fortunate to live near a bike trail and this is my place of worship.
I walk, bike and cross-country ski for mental and physical stremgth.

I also volunteer at a local hospice(since my husband died). Doing this has been very rewarding.

I truly hope there is something beyond us so that I will see my husband and son again.

Audrey Cox